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GeoGuard™ Geothermal

Geothermal HDPE Pipe

Features & Benefits

  •     Manufactured from PE 4710, high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  •     Superior strength and durability with a lifetime warranty.
  •     Available in: Sizes ranging from 3/4" through 2"
  •     Iron Pipe Size (IPS)
  •     Standard Dimension Ratios (SDR 9, SDR 11, SDR 15.5)
  •     Meets or exceeds the requirements of IGSHPA
  •     Coiled lengths with factory installed U-bends provide for seamless installations

GeoGuard™ tubing is extruded using high density polyethylene (HDPE) in parallel coils with u-bends factory installed and tested. Available in standard and custom lengths to meet your application needs. HDPE has excellent chemical resistance, is light weight yet tough, making it ideally suited for geothermal installations in wells, ponds or trenched. Black in color to optimize heat transfer.

Durable indent print includes:

  •     Nominal tubing size (for example, 1")
  •     Type of PE per designation code (PE 4710)
  •     Standard Dimension Ratio, Pressure rating @73.4ºF (23ºC), (SDR 11, 200 psi)
  •     Applicable Standards, (ASTM 2737, AWWA C-906)
  •     Manufacturer’s Name or Trade Name, (Dura-Line, PolyPipe, GeoGuard)
  •     Third party listing, (NSF PW)
  •     Manufacturing Run Code
  •     Length Markings (Footage Marking)


  •     PE 4710 resin listed in PPI TR-4, cell classification PE445574C per ASTM D 3350, fully pressure rated resin.
  •     Made to ASTM D 3055/F714.
  •     Made in accordance with the requirements of IGSHPA.
  •     Limited Lifetime Warranty, provided tubing is pressure tested after installation but before grouting or backfilling. Tubing must be installed following manufacturer’s written procedures.


Suitable for direct burial by plowing, directional drilling or placed in a trench. Pipe shall be supported through the use of proper embedment and compaction in open cut installations. For more information regarding installation requirements obtain a copy of the “Polyethylene Handbook” from the Plastic Pipe Institute.


IPS tubing sizes use any of the heat fusion techniques or approved mechanical fittings that are fully pressure rated and designed for assembling HDPE service tubing.

U-Bends are available in 3/4", 1", and 1-1/4" IPS.

Dura-Line U-Bend Dimension Table

Nominal Size Dimension A Dimension B Diamter C Diameter D
3/4" IPS 7.50" 1.050" 2.37" 1.32"
  190mm 27mm 60mm 33mm
1" IPS 7.5" 1.315" 2.90" 1.59"
  190mm 33mm 74mm 40mm
1 1/4" IPS 7.50" 1.660" 3.51" 1.85"
  190mm 42mm 89mm 47mm


For more information on Geothermal Heating Options, visit the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association web site.

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