Duraline manufactures a wide range of high performance Bull-Line™ Pull Tape products to expedite cable installation. Choose from woven polyester tapes or aramid fiber tape products which are available in a variety of strengths and lengths. A single pull tape eliminates the additional labor required for string, rope or winch line combinations. All Bull-Line™ tape is manufactured with the Stiff-Tape™ lubrication coating, resulting in the high-est performance pull tape available in the industry. Whatever the choice, Bull-Line™ Pull Tapes have continually provided a superior alternative to plastic pull ropes in cable installations through all types of conduit. Duraline Bull-Line™ Pull Tapes meet or exceed all pull line requirements of Bellcore GR-356-CORE “Generic Requirements for Optical Cable Innerduct and Accessories.”

WP60 3000'



WP60 1000'



WP60 500'



WP40 3000'



WP40 1000'



WP25 3000'



WP25 1000'



WP18 3000'




WP18 1000'




WP12 3000'