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eABF Air-Blown Cable

eABF cables are design to offer the most rugged and reliable enterprise-based air-blown fiber solution in the market today. The patent pending cable design combines a light-weight, highdrag jacketing system that allows the cable to be blown long distances. The cable series also features additional attributes that set this product above and beyond traditional air-blown fiber cables. These enhanced features include mechanical strengthening that permits the cable to comply with industry-standard premise interconnect specifications. In addition, the eABF cable series feature flame-resistance characteristics which result in stand-alone riser and plenum rated options suitable for routing outside of the MicroDuct system. Because of these mechanical, environmental and optical qualifications, eABF cables can also be installed in third-party flame-rated duct and pathway systems.


  • Designed for Data Center Interconnect
  • Horizontal Distribution
  • Vertical Distribution
  • Inter and Intra-building optical circuits
  • Low-cost fiber upgrade migration strategies
Flame rating options include:
  • Plenum OFNP per NFPA 262 OFNP
  • Riser OFNR per NFPA NEC 2005 Art 770.51(B)
Complies with NFPA/NEC build codes for fire resistance.
Can be installed in eABF duct or third-party rated duct
GR-409-CORE compliant Standards compliant stand-alone interconnect cable
Complete range of single-mode and multimode fibers Supports 10G, 40G and 100G Ethernet architectures
Aramid-strengthened cable core Robust tensile load bearing capable
OD compatible with 6 mm ID MicroDucts Higher density fiber pathway solutions
96-Fiber count fits into 8.5 mm x 6 mm MicroDuct Over 2,304 fibers per 24-way FuturePath Duct