Dura-Line provides solutions for all different types of installations. Please see some specific case studies below for examples.

ASTM F2620 Standard Practice for Heat Fusion Joining of Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings

March 1, 2017 ISE Magazine tells the story "1 Duct at a Time"

• High Performance PE4710 Water Pipe
• Fatigue Resistance validated for service life >100 years
• 100% Leak-Free using heat fused joining technology
• Hurricane Resistant
• Larger Inside Diameter
• Rapid Crack Propagation Resistant
• Seismic Resistant
• Complies with ASTM, API, NSF and AWWA (expected Summer 2015)

Dura-Line duct chosen by Smithville Communications for fiber network expansion.

Verizon completes fiber-optics installation in lower Manhattan as part of Hurricane Sandy restoration effort
December 20, 2012
Lightwave Staff

RCP (Rapid Crack Propagation) refers to a rare but significant catastrophic pipe failure mode that results in a rapidly progressing crack (typically >300 ft/sec) when a pressurized pipeline is subjected to a sudden or intense impact. RCP can also be the result of a pre-existing flaw or crack in the pipe. RCP can occur in most piping materials including steel and PVC pipes. RCP is generally of greater concern in piping systems that are used to convey compressed gasses. The rapid energy dissipation from a compressed gas provides the energy required to sustain crack growth.

MicroTrench Ft Myers, Florida

Installation of FuturePath 2-Way in a MicroTrench. The installation is fast with minimial impact and immediate cleanup. It's a rapid deployment of the conduit pathway and fiber cables. 

Colorado Department of Transportation

The Colorado Trafiic Management Center is responsible for 9,000 miles of highways. Their goal is to smooth out the daily grind of commuting and keeping drivers informed of road conditions. They use the latest technology to keep drivers informaed of real time traffic conditions. Watch the video to see the role of FuturePath. Featured on MotorWeek.

Parker Frost