Project Highlights

Dura-Line is the industry’s leading supplier of conduit, and with good reason. We design and manufacture a superior-quality product, while offering innovations designed to make installation faster, easier, and more productive. Here are a few examples of customer success stories.

Denver Airport

When TSA and FAA make immediate safety and security changes, there’s no time for construction. Learn how Dura-Line’s FuturePath saves 90 percent of the cost for MACs at a busy U.S. airport.

Alabama Power

Repurposing existing duct banks to consolidate telecom networks not only freed up additional conduits for needed power upgrades, but also reduced disruption to residents and showed good stewardship of current assets.


A Chicago-area construction company used a specialized Dura-Line conduit to transform a two-step process into only one-step and saved their customer over $1 per foot on installation.

City of De Soto and RG FIBER

Because of a special design/build partnership using MicroDucts, the City of De Soto, Kansas, now offers free Wi-Fi service at key community locations and has a network infrastructure open to competition, along with a potential on-going revenue stream.

Ohio Department of Transportation

Dura-Line conduit provides the communication backbone for Ohio’s Smart Mobility Corridor, one of the nation’s test beds for Autonomous and Connected Vehicles.

City of Augusta, GA, Utilities Department

Providing a secure, dedicated network with pathways for redundancy and future capacity isn’t much good if you can’t find it. Learn how Dura-Line’s FuturePath Flex 4-Way Locatable conduit solved one city’s needs.

iWired – Smart Homes

Read about how one U.S. homebuilder established a competitive advantage by appealing to tech-savvy Millennials who are now of the age to buy their first home.

Estes Park, CO

When burying fiber optic cables is not an option due to the rugged terrain, extreme changes in elevation, and crossing rivers and highways, don’t worry – we’ve got a product for just for that!