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Ethics & Compliance


Dura-Line is committed to conducting business with the highest degree of ethics, complying with applicable local laws and compliance program international best practices. At Dura-Line, we foster a culture of personal accountability, supported by standards, policies and mechanisms that help everyone know what is expected of them and provide the best frameworks for action.

Our Code of Ethics guides our behavior and is a binding requirement for all Directors,  executives, employees, contractors and temporary workers. We expect our business partners and suppliers to operate to the highest of ethical standards as well.

We maintain a confidential Ethics Helpline for reporting suspected or possible violations of our Code of Ethics or any other violation of law and regulation.  Orbia’s Ethics Helpline allows anonymous reporting and is available 24/7 in all the languages of the countries in which we do business. We have a clear non-retaliation policy, and the availability of multiple channels to report concerns, including the Ethics Helpline, are reinforced throughout the year.