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What Our Employees Say About Dura-Line

What do you like best about working at Dura-Line? We asked each of our employees and this is what they said! Literally, their genuine, authentic responses about why working at Dura-Line was a fulfilling career.



<p>Matthew Buracker, A Shift Supervisor, Evansville, WY</p>

Matthew Buracker, A Shift Supervisor, Evansville, WY

Company Pride

  • Strong code of ethics
  • Global company
  • Making a difference

“Dura-Line is one of the best employers. First and most important, it’s not a job but a career opportunity. One could argue that it’s actually a trade one could take pride in. I call it a trade because it is a skill set that can only be learned in this line of work, and I must say it is a fascinating. We take beads of resin that can fit in your hand, and with science, engineering, and a bit of chemistry, we turn those little beads into products that have a wide range of functions, from holding the cables that will push the future forward by carrying 5G furthering the data capabilities of the country to products that can transport water, and even natural gas, to any location in the world. That is why I find this company such an amazing place to work.”


  • Moving forward together
  • Sense of purpose
  • My input matters

“I am proud to say I work for Dura-Line. People generally care about each other and work together as a team; we are like a small family. I am treated with respect and given daily encouragement. I feel respected and valued and treated with equality even though I am the only female on the shift.”

<p>Janie Lively-Lingle, Downstream Operator, Gainesville, TX</p>

Janie Lively-Lingle, Downstream Operator, Gainesville, TX

<p>Heather Healey, Administrative Assistant, Gainesville, TX</p>

Heather Healey, Administrative Assistant, Gainesville, TX


  • Fair and competitive pay structure
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Employee recognition programs

“When I started, I was blessed with my first surprise: not only could I afford the medical insurance for myself, but I could afford to cover my children as well. The second surprise was when I found that I became eligible for insurance on the first of the month. Then I found out about vacation time - talk about amazing!”


  • “I Choose Zero”
  • 6 Life-Saving Rules
  • Mutual Respect

“I like Dura-Line because there is a strong emphasis on safety. There is a big banner hanging over the production floor that states: Arrive Safely, Work Safely, and Return Home Safely. There are no shortcuts when you’re dealing with being safe. It’s not too often that you find a job you really like, but I have done just that.”

<p>Jontavius Hagans, Downstream Operator, Tennille, GA</p>

Jontavius Hagans, Downstream Operator, Tennille, GA

<p>Jerah Perez, Extrusion Lead Operator, North Salt Lake City, UT</p>

Jerah Perez, Extrusion Lead Operator, North Salt Lake City, UT


  • Skill development
  • Mobility
  • Career progression

“Working at Dura-Line has been a very unique experience. I started off as a Downstream Operator and quickly realized this a company filled with opportunity and many chances to grow. No matter who you are or where you come from, the resources given through your sign off sheets and peers are more than enough to grow in the company and as an employee, as long as you’re willing to put in the work. Nothing in life is handed to you, but if you are driven and willing to learn, the possibilities are endless. Not a lot of companies have a system built the way Dura-Line has for promotions. This is an amazing company filled with great people and it’s a great place to learn new things, grow, and better yourself for the future.”


  • Waste reduction
  • Recycling programs
  • Energy efficient

“I am proud and excited to work for Dura-Line because of its recycling program… and continual improvements and upgrades to the facility. I like the fact that what I do encourages me to stay active and fit instead of a sedentary job. Changes to incorporate ergonomic practices show Dura-Line’s dedication to its employees and those who make it successful.”

<p>Geoffrey Clapp, Offline Operator, North Salt Lake City, UT</p>

Geoffrey Clapp, Offline Operator, North Salt Lake City, UT

<p>Micah Strange, Inventory Cycle Counter, Clinton, TN</p>

Micah Strange, Inventory Cycle Counter, Clinton, TN

Giving back

  • Community focused
  • Volunteer work projects
  • Helping our neighbors

“Dura-Line provides its employees with opportunities to share their ideas and best practices that has, in instances, led to research and development of new groundbreaking products for the industry. In addition, it is regularly seen that the culture at Dura-Line is one of caring and concern for its employees, in continual improvement of workplace environment and policies, and for its communities through active involvement in areas of need.”

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Dura-Line offers all of its employees an exciting work environment and provides career opportunities in a continuously growing company. We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce that represents our global customer base.

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Dura-Line is an Equal Opportunity Employer and participates in the federal E-Verify program to verify the work eligibility of all new hires.


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Want a better connection with Dura-Line?

Ask a question or email us a comment! We're happy to supply additional information and explore how we can be of service to you.

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