Fiber Optic Sensing Association selects Orbia’s Connectivity Solutions business Dura-Line, and Luna Innovations (OptaSense) as joint winners of 2023's Project Award

January 15, 2024

Orbia’s Connectivity Solutions business Dura-Line is honored to be selected as joint winner, along with Luna Innovations (OptaSense), of the Fiber Optic Sensing Association’s (FOSA) 2023 Project award for our collaborative 2-year Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) project entitled “Using Fiber for Situational Awareness Along Roadways.”

Our very own Dr. Paul Dickinson, Director of Business Development, Dura-Line & Chairman of the Board, FOSA, highlights the potential of this forward-thinking work:

“We are honored to have received the FOSA 2023 Project of the Year award. Dura-Line, in collaboration with LUNA, was pleased to work closely with visionary UDOT personnel and have the project recognized for its value to both the transportation and fiber sensing industry. Through existing or newly installed roadside optical fiber with this novel sensing application, departments of transportation throughout the U.S. and world now have the ability to improve life safety, protect infrastructure, and reduce operational expenses."

Read the full press release here.